Something’s happening, something good… TOONIIIGGHHTTTT

Hate Verizon.... ? Yeah.... but.....

Hate Verizon.... ? Yeah.... but.....

The Jets are gonna rumble, fair fight,… (that’s from West Side Story).

Look – Do you HATE Verizon?? Well, maybe…. but check this out…

Verizon looks like it may actually be getting serious about opening up their network to 3rd Party devices. They recently published an initial release of the Verizon Wireless 700 MHz C-Block LTE Specifications on April 17, 2009. Since then they have been working hard (they say) to enhance the specification with various updates, clarifications, and additions to help everyone bring their LTE devices to the network!

What does this mean?

Read here –


One response to “COULD IT BE, YES IT COULD,…

  1. Awwwwww, adorable baby…

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