AT&T vs. THE ROCK (as in … a … ROCK?)

I’m stuck with my iPhone… but you don’t have to be.

iPhone vs Rock

Rock vs iPhone - close.

While I was doing my superstitious dance around the internet (i.e. reading updated news articles on Google in order to help the Vikings try and come back against the Bears – but ran out believe it or not, that’s how bad their Defense and special teams have become), I was stunned – but not really, to see that finally people are catching on to the fact that AT&T Sucks. Verizon is really clobbering them with that 5x coverage campaign but it’s true. What good is your iPhone if you can’t even use it in Brooklyn????

Anyway – here’s the article I came across during my fruitless attempt to help the Vikes.

Why did AT&T Wireless (T) halt online sales of Apple (AAPL) iPhones in New York City the weekend after Christmas? None of the answers AT&T has given so far make much sense.


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