“Baby’s asleep, Football’s over – Baseball not for a while… nothing on TV…. guess I’ll just go to sleep… okay sweetheart?”

“Yeah babe… I’m just going to finish watching this….. and I’ll be in.”

“Don’t stay up too late…”

“Okay I wont…”

“I love you…”

“I love you too…”


(Baby making little sounds in the background from the crib as I sluff off to my big empty bed…”

Half hour goes by, I wake up even later… so I come out to see what’s going on and…. in the words of Ralph Kramden….


Busted my wife – Here’s the proof!!!!


So – for all the times you snooped around on my phone (thanks Tiger Woods for clueing me in to put a passcode on it), caught me looking at adult content on my iPhone, or turned the corner as I was stuffing a piece of chocolate cake down my throat before you heard the refrigerator door close ….

Let it be known ….. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!!!!


And so honey – to honor the fact that you’re only human…. here’s a little diddy from Hank Williams Jr.

P.S. I like how while I was still groggy you tried to bribe me by saying, “it’s okay – let’s just eat….”

Oh brother.


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