We’re way behind. 93 million rural Americans, kids, low income Americans – it’s a new form of slavery – called digital exclusion. Broadband Service Providers will lie and lobby and divert, delay, deny, whatever to keep people stupid. Try to stop bills that include consumer service protections and maintain their unfair levels of competition. Why should we all have hi-speed access? I guess there are enough people that fall for it. If you just deny, delay, etc., the results will be either Orwellian or Simpsonian (as it Homer).

This is a great story – watch this video. ON why we need to lead the world in Mobile Broadband.

Click for Broadband Speed

AT&T has great 3G coverage – not crappy coverage. Remember – it’s NOT A LIE… IF YOU BELIEVE IT. HELP US OBAMA LEAD THE WORLD IN MOBILE. Then I’ll be a Believer too. You got the IBR (Income Based Repayment for Student Loans – MEMO TO SELF – THE SALLIE MAE SCAM). We need to move beyond 4,5,6 mb per second to 100 mbs (25 times as much) to make sure we can get back in the game.

Think about it though. If you’re faster – that’s bad for them. Notice how many calls you have to make and how long you have to hold due to “extended wait times?” Bank of America lends 3 billion dollars – I guess they’re our friend – America’s friend! Bank of America has only gotten in my way from day one. I can’t stand Bank of America. So the next time I’m on hold forever, or getting the run around I’ll try and remember those great words of wisdom from George Costanza.

It's not a lie....

Well I guess we’re in good hands with non-liars like Chris Dodd.



  1. To quote Dr. House, “everybody lies”.

    They’re all full of crap, every last one of them – we are sooooooooo screwed brother!

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