On (my favorite site as I have previously mentioned), I am a member of several groups. Mostly having to do with video, or PR or digital this or that. In an age of youtube, social media, etc., things often can be misinterpreted. You know how an email is antiseptic in its tone UNLESS YOU USE CERTAIN TECHNIQUES (like “shouting” to communicate emphasis).

Right now there are several discussions in which I’m taking part that have to do with PR vs Media Relations, does PR itself need a PR campaign, and most of them are just self serving ways for people to get their names on the threads. In fact – that’s probably the whole point – stay in the conversation.

But when does it become just silliness?

Click for the Password of the day

What’s probably worse is when every couple of minutes I hear a slew of buzzes on my iPhone telling me who’s introduced themselves, what someone added to a discussion – it keeps me up at night. Boy it sure seemed like life was easier and a lot more fun. Maybe it’s my age – things are more serious now with kids, the responsibility etc.

My wife bought the ODD COUPLE DVD Set for Christmas. What an awesome show (Probably the last DVDs I’ll ever buy with what’s coming). Last night I was reminded of the episode where Oscar and Felix visit a monastery to relax. Brother Ralph, knocks on their door (and let’s himself in btw – an oversight in continuity by the director), and cooks Oscar and Felix dinner for a donation and tells them about how he was Ralph Decker an advertising big shot who dropped out of life.

“My head hurt, I smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day, and there were 5 lights on my phone.” I looked out the window and saw a bluebird. All I could think of was how I wanted to be that bluebird. And that day, I packed up and headed upstate to the Brotherhood of Life. That was 20 years ago.

20 years. Hmmmm


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