I have a lot more to say than to just talk about Cocaine!!! Trying to keep it real here people. But I just looked at my dashboard and 235 hits yesterday, already 131 today – you degenerate low-life bathturds. Then again – I’m willing to whore myself for the hits so – look – if you guys want cocaine? You got COCAINE!!! No Justin Beiber here. At least not yet, we hope. By the time my daughter is old enough to appreciate his music, let’s see she’s 5 months now so figure in 4 years? Think about what that would do for this blog. Especially if there’s a tech tie in? Like TMZ gets a picture of him snorting it off his blackberry? Wow!!!! Think of the clicks and sponsors I could lure to this (admittedly becoming) shameless page.

Look – it’s a spoof. Not gonna happen. Saw Justin on 60 minutes – He rocks…. (Rock…s….)

BUT – with one caveat. If I’m going to talk about Cocaine, it’s going to be in a socially correct technologically relevant context.

Click to call Mr. Clean

I was on a sales call with a guy about his national office/commercial cleaning service (sorry Bob no light here). He’s thinking about a show on…. well…. cleaning. I’m not saying no but if we were to do a pilot I think it would have to be one of those hidden camera type shows where we send in a cleaning crew and destroy the place. When the owner comes in the next day film it and surprise them with a totally free cleaning and some gifts, television exposure etc.

Another million dollar idea on the

Here are some other funny links from the email I sent:

We think the way to go is to start by showing demand and what better way than with viral video.
Here are some examples:

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