Talk about the power of viral. We all know the Justin Bieber story (mobbed last night at Lucky Strike he had to leave his own album release party). Discovered on YouTube, the record execs said – he’ll never make it because he doesn’t have a show on Disney.

Well we all know that the “record execs” have driven the music business straight into the toilet (see post on cocaine toilet from a few days ago). But here is another example of a (admittedly big budget) production with ringer Scott Baio that was obviously never meant to get on MTV or VH1, FUSE or whatever music channel still exists for playing music videos… oh yeah it’s called You Tube.

Click to watch Wrong Hole

Point is this is what is drawing the eyeballs and increasingly fewer and fewer people could care less about what’s on TV much less that fact that it comes with LOUD commercials ever 5 minutes and takes a half an hour.

Well, at least they have Tivo.


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