Let me tell you about how I came up with Squirmin Wormin. My daughter Sofia twists and turns sometimes when we’re changing her or playing with her. Mrs. McLane and I love to watch her wiggle around but sometimes she doesn’t stop and i say – “Stop Squirmin….” Eventually I added Stop Squirmin…. like a Wormin… Then I added a little Rockabilly Song that sounds kind of like “Splish Splash I was taking a bath.” But instead of “Splishin and a Splashin” it’s “Squirmin like a Wormin…” I’m going to record it soon.

Squirmin Wormin is Here



  1. Cute story, Brian. Lauren and I come with up songs all the time for Dock. Instead of the oldies hit “sum-sum-summertime” we used to sing “tub-tub-tubbytime” to cue him for bath time.

    • Hey Jim

      Thanks a lot. Maybe Lauren would be interested in writing the stories with me? Tell her Bieuw and Sieuw and Mieuw won’t be part of the dialog!

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