Some people just can’t help….. well…. not telling the truth.

And it’s really hard when it’s someone you care about, even a close friend. I’m like – Dude – are you f’ing kidding me? You know you’re just lying to everyone. When does it stop. Email after email – one lie after the next? Are you even in control of yourself anymore? I just want to get out of the way!!! Isn’t it better to tell people the truth and let the chips fall where they may?


Apparently not so in the Media Relations and Broadcast PR business. offers media consulting and broadcast PR strategies out of New York where several of the competition have either failed or are struggling to hang on. One thing is for sure though. Lie to people and it will catch up with you. STOP LYING and start telling the truth.

Don’t you see you’re digging a deeper and deeper hole for yourself? How can you just fire off email after email stalling and lying? Just because it was that way in years past, doesn’t mean it’s okay to run with the rest of the liars, non-payers, stallers, pump and dumpers and backstabbers. This is one of the reasons that will be increasingly shifting gears into the content business. I’ve made so many alliances in the past few months (all you have to do is read this blog) to know where my head is at. Production is time consuming, expensive and labor intensive.

And that’s okay if you’re passionate about your work. But when you add all the BS on top of it (don’t worry there will be a day of reckoning when names are named), and all the lying – it’s hard to deal with.

And I say this as someone who too is owed over $3,300. But I’m now committed to this incredible website And I plan on bringing people awesome content. So enjoy the Sex Pistols and LIAR. And keep in mind, that has nothing to do with those people who would hold others hostage.


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