I think I met someone today. Someone who I can’t get out of my head.

Beauty Expert Lia Schorr. This is how it happened.

Went to meet my friend Megan Sterngast, a former colleague at Grand Central Media Productions. When that company tanked and I started, I wanted to drop in on Megan and catch up. She said she’d been spending time at a beauty spa on the Upper East Side. That the woman who owned it was fabulously interesting and that I HAD to meet her.

For weeks we played tag but a shoot I was to have fell through so I had some time. n my way there was a Mr. Softee Truck and I looked at it but you know what they say – “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” But I avoided it and stuck with my plan. Not vanity – just cholesterol management. Can’t get that out of my head either. Ummmm….. Mr. Softee.

Besides how would it look if I had Chocolate with Cherry Dip (my favorite) on my face when I’m to meet the New York Beauty and Skin Care Expert. And then my wife would somehow find out….. ah….. I’ll wait until after I meet her and THEN I’ll have plenty of time to get rid of the evidence.

So I went to 686 Lexington Avenue to the Lia Schorr Beauty Spa and Institute. Yes she also runs a school. I jogged up the stairs backwards as my mea-culpa…. alright I took the elevator and there were a couple of clients in the waiting room looking like they needed to get their beauty fix. Women who it seemed could NOT wait to get inside the glass doors to the private spa rooms. They almost seemed short tempered.

An attractive older woman (as in older than me), came out and said we’re ready for you now to one of them and the other quickly asked, “How long until you’re ready for me?” There was a painting on the wall of whom I guessed was the same woman from a few years earlier. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. How beautiful. Then, bouncing out from the private office came Megan.

“Hi!!!! So great to see you.”


Big hug, how are you etc.”

Megan couldn’t wait to show me around and – yes it was – Lia came over to politely introduce herself.

We made some small talk but Lia was quickly back to the business of serving her clients. Megan quickly got to showing me around and took me upstairs to see something I’d never seen. One Make-up station with lighted mirrors after the next – maybe 6 or 8. Class was apparantly out. So this is where the make-up artists who bill $400 a day come from? Megan took me back downstairs and gave me a tour of the private booths (all closed maybe 8 or 10 of them) and Lia put her fingers to her lips (always about the clients). I felt like I better behave myself. She commands that kind of respect.

And in about 2 minutes – I’d see why. There were pictures of (ALL) A list celebrity clients along the walls including one of my favorite bands KISS, Oprah, and others. Now I’m starting to wonder – what an interesting life this Lia must have had. I wonder if she ever went to my friends’ restaurant Ruelle’s – what a scene that was in the 80’s. So I did a little research when I got home and what I found really made me – well – not jealous but wishing I could have known her.

Check out some of these stats:

Lia Schorr has been a pioneer in the skincare industry for over 30 years
Has written three books published by the likes of Simon & Schuster, “Seasonal Skin Care” and “Skincare Guide for Men” published by Prentice Hall. In addition to courses like:

Oxygen Treatment Course
Microdermabrasion Course
Laser Hair Removal Course
Holistic Skin Care

Some of the more interesting Makeup Courses she offers at the institute include Advanced Theatrical Makeup, Bridal Makeup and get this – Camouflage Makeup.


I mean, I have had a colorful life, probably the pinacle of it was my band Mondo Boffo getting on MTV. I’ve lived eight lifetimes on the Lower East Side alone and I’m not going to get into it but when I read up on Lia – I had to marvel.

Again – check this out.

Her family had to escape the Nazis after the invasion of Poland.
Wound up in Tashkent… isn’t that, Uzbekistan. Interesting – not too far from Republic of Georgia where my wife Shorena is from (Tbilisi).
She was a solider in the Israeli Army
She lived on a kibbutz (google it).

Yeah – you don’t want to mess with her.

I could give you the professional resume but you can just go to her site at and read for yourself. I want to know what her life was like in the 70’s and 80’s in New York. I went to Stuyvesant High School from 78 to 81 and spent a lot of time on the Upper East Side and in the Village but as close as I got to celebrity was being a busboy at Ruelle’s. Lia was in the middle of it.

Now – it’s different. There’s a lot of interlopers here – bunch of snot nosed punks. Lia’s the real deal and one of those people not only stuck it out when the city was coming out of bankruptcy, but helped New York come back from the brink.

But I keep coming back to the pictures and paintings on the wall and the magazine articles from on her. She really loves what she’s doing and I have to know more. So…. I will (hopefully) be interviewing Lia Schorr next week.

Now here’s LEVEL 42 with SOMETHING ABOUT YOU. Ahhhh Lia.

Lia Schorr, Something About You

Click For Something About You

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  1. Hi!

    I use this amazing tool called Epicare for threading my face. It comprises of a spring and a handle on either side.It is so simple but it literally pulls out the hair from the roots! Best of all.. It is around CAD 17. I love it and cannot do without it. I got mine at

    Laser may be great for some but not so affordable.


  2. thank you too much, nice article.

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