Okay we’re going to leave behind the world of travel for a little bit (see two previous posts on the awful job that the producers of Globetrekker did on poor Ian Wright’s “trip” to Armenia and Republic of Georgia – and the terrific piece on American Masters about Garrison Keillor, Lake Wobegon and A Prairie Home Companion.


Because I need to know how cars work. It’s something I’ve always wanted to know, and after doing all the other things I’ve done, it’s kind weird to say I don’t know how a car works. Sure if you get in trouble I know how to fix a flat, or if there’s a leak in the transmission how to carry extra tranny fluid to get you home, etc. But brakes? Much less air brakes…?

Okay so here’s the scenario. You’re coming home from a party with your main squeeze and another couple in the backseat. You’re under the alcohol limit because you’ve spread your six pack or vodka tonics ever so judiciously over 5 or 6 hours and drank a proportional amount of water to go with it. Everyone’s yucking it up when all of a sudden some light you’ve never seen on the dashboard comes on and the car starts slowing down.

Kind of a buzz kill huh?

The first thing you look at is the gas meter and oil but the gauges seem in order. You’ve got plenty of gas and the oil light isn’t the one going off.

What could it be.

Now all of a sudden you’re praying for a rest stop but would gladly settle for a place to pull over.

So now – there’s the four of you on a pitch black interstate. Now what? Wish you’d taken auto shop instead of silk screening or drafting as an elective in high school? Too late.

There are other reasons to know about cars too.

What if you lose your job (don’t read too much into that…. yet….) and you decide to get a CDL and drive all over the country for a living. Imagine, across the western states and up the California Coast – or down through the Carolinas and Gulf Coast? Then again, what about Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana… ugh.

I think we all have a romantic vision of Route 66 but I suppose you have to take the good with the bad.

While investigating this possibility and reading up on what the requirements for getting a CDL are, I came across this very interesting website that I’ve seen advertised, It’s part of the learning and DYI (Do It Yourself Craze) that dovetails with Reality-based programming.

Take a look at this video on determining whether or not your brakes (could be important huh?), are still good from Discovery Turbo’s Grease Monkey Series.

Learning about cars on

Learning about cars on

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